These stories highlight just some of the wonderful things happening in the Saginaw Bay Watershed that support the Americas Great Outdoor philosophy of recreation through conservation.
Arrow USDA Introduces Online Tool to Estimate Carbon Stowed in Soil


A new online tool , called COMET-FARM™, enables agricultural producers to calculate how much carbon their conservation actions can remove from the atmosphere. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the free tool in a June 5 address to the National Press Club in Washington, where he outlined a vision for modern solutions to environmental challenges. As a collaboration among USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, Colorado State University and USDA’s Climate Change Program Office, COMET-FARM™ will also help producers calculate and understand how land management decisions impact energy use and carbon emissions...Huron County MORE
ArrowSaginaw Bay WIN 2012 Annual Report PDF Download

Here in the Saginaw Bay region, we are so rich in water that we often take it for granted. But the realization that one billion people around the world have to walk an average of 3.72 miles to usable water puts our abundant resource into perspective. At the same time, it emphasizes the need to protect the watershed and all of our amazing natural resources in the Saginaw Bay region ... Huron County MORE

Arrow Restoring The Great Lakes Success Stories From The 2012 Field Season PDF Download

Now in its third year, the Great Lake Restoration Initiative continues to fund priority research and restoration throughout the Great Lakes basin. As we tighten our budgets in a tough economic climate, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative ensures that our dedicated staff and our project partners have the resources they need to bring positive environmental change to the Great Lakes. Their hard work is needed now more than ever. In addition to 37 million people, the Great Lakes are also home to over 30 Areas of Concern. An AOC is a geographic area that is so polluted that it threatens aquatic life and potentially jeopardizes human health. With the largest group of freshwater lakes on the planet in ... Huron County MORE

Arrow Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan PDF Download

The lands and waters of the Great Lakes are like no other place. In a world where fresh surface water is increasingly in demand, the region contains some 20 percent of it. At a time when people are not looking as much to faraway places for respite, the Great Lakes offer some of the most majestic natural shorescapes on the planet to accommodate them. As a result, people are reconnecting to their beaches, wide-open waters, petroglyphed bluffs, dune ranges and tumbling tributaries like never before. Likewise, these same resources have served as the raw material to build some of the Earth’s most legendary cities, create jobs to support families, and contribute to the largest economy in the history of ... Huron County MORE

Arrow Hunting Access Program - Connecting Landowners & Hunters PDF Download
Hunting Access Program HAP provides critical access to private lands in southern Michigan. Limited access is causing declines in hunting participation. Using VPA-HIP funding & program flexibility we will double current HAP enrollment. Conservation Districts can play a tremendous role in growing HAP. Working together we will make a difference for wildlife conservation!HAP Goals: Double current HAP enrollment, 100 farms & 15,000 acres, Increase local hunting opportunities, Focus on quality habitat, CRP, CREP, WHIP, MPRI, etc., Develop partnerships with Conservation Districts, Marketing and outreach to landowners & hunters ... Huron County MORE
Arrow Meridian Park Erosion Project PDF Download
Isabella County Meridian Park Spring 2010 - Meridian Park Erosion Project. Streambank Restoration in cooperation with Isabella County Parks and Recreation ... Huron County MORE
Arrow Attention Producers In The Sebewaing River Watershed
CWMA Meeting

A new grant through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is bringing cost share dollars to producers within the Sebewaing River Watershed.  The Sebewaing River Watershed is situated in southwest Huron County and continues south to near Caro.  The river drains to Saginaw Bay (designated as an area of concern by the Environmental Protection Agency).
Cost share dollars are available to implement Best Management Practices ... Huron County MORE

Arrow District Drill Program Continues To Be Strong
The Tuscola Conservation District is pleased to make available four John Deere 1990 30-foot no-till drills with four JD 8235R MFWD tractors to pull the units. In addition to the four 30-foot drill units, the District is continuing to make available one JD 1590 15-foot drill... Huron County MORE
Arrow Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative PDF Download
MPRI The Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative is a grass-roots conservation initiative started in 2011 to help neighborhood cooperatives improve habitat for pheasants and other wildlife across the landscape. The Initiative began in response to declining pheasant numbers in recent decades. Pheasants rely on high quality native grassland and agricultural areas that provide adequate cover and food resources for their breeding and survival. Changes in agricultural practices, urbanization, and reforestation of some areas have contributed to their declining numbers. Your help is needed to improve pheasant habitat in your ... Huron County MORE
Arrow District Welcomes New Forester
A new, full-time forester has been hired in the thumb region to assist forest landowners in management of their woodlots. In late October, Ben Stein was brought on board to the Tuscola Conservation District, but he will cover all of Tuscola, Sanilac, Huron, Bay and Arenac counties. Ben’s role is to serve as an initial point of contact for private forest landowners interested in applying management and conservation practices to their property. His assistance can be provided both in-office and on-site, and is offered at no cost to the landowner. He will work with landowners to identify concerns and objectives related to forested property. Once an assessment has been performed and management objectives are identified, Ben will provide recommendations, and if necessary, facilitate ... Huron County MORE
Arrow A Coordinated Attack On Invasive Species For The Saginaw Bay Watershed

CWMA Meeting

The Saginaw Conservation District and Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program held the first Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) meeting for the Saginaw Bay Watershed. This watershed is the largest in Michigan and one of the largest freshwater watersheds in the nation. Several CWMA’s have developed in recent years in Michigan and across the United States but with an area of approximately 8,709 square-miles, more than 175 inland lakes, 7,000 miles of rivers and streams and 15,000 acres of coastal wetlands, it is hard to fathom the most appropriate way to organize treatment on invasive species. A room full of partners was a great way to start! The first meeting discussed the development of a plan, goals and objectives ... Huron County MORE
Arrow Great Lakes Commission 2011 Annual Report PDF Download

The ability to respond directly and effectively to crisis is a fundamental mea - sure of organizational value. When infes - tation of the Great Lakes by Asian carp via the Chicago Area Waterway System (CAWS) appeared imminent in mid-2010, with potentially disastrous ecological and economic consequences, we like to think the Great Lakes Commission stepped up and demonstrated its value to its member states and provinces. ... Huron County MORE

Arrow Au Gres Delta Nature Preserve

The Au Gres Delta Nature Preserve is located in the City of Au Gres, Michigan. It is 97.5% composed of National Wetlands Inventory designated wetlands bordering on the west shore of the Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron and adjacent to the AuGres River.
Huron County Au Gres Delta Nature Preserve

Arrow Elliott-Patchett Nature Preserve
SBLC Logo The Elliott-Patchett Preserve is located on 34 acres of land located on the Shiawassee River in Vernon Township, Shiawassee County, Michigan.  It was generously donated in 2011. As a young boy, the family's 35 acres that runs along the Shiawassee River in Vernon Township held limitless possibilities for Larry D. Elliott. “I would go out there with my dad,” he fondly remembers. “He would be talking to the farmers working the land so whenever I could, I would take off, go down into the woods and run around there. It was my primeval forest. The gentleman renting the land ... Huron County MORE
Arrow Fegan Nature Preserve
SBLC Logo The preserve is 3.7 miles east of Skidway Lake and 2.5 miles west of Prescott on Greenwood Road.  The entrance is approximately 800 feet east of the intersection of Cranberry Lake Road and Greenwood Road, on the north side. The property can be reached from the west by taking Exit 202 (Alger) from I-75 and going north on M-33 three miles and then right on Greenwood Road 8.4 miles to Cranberry Lake Road.  Or, from the south by taking Exit 195 from I-75 east into Sterling, then north on Melita Road (named School Road in Sterling) 10 miles to Greenwood Road (name ... Huron County MORE
Arrow Pinconning Nature Preserve
SBLC Logo The preserve was acquired from Pinconning Township with funding provided through two sources: The Michigan Coastal Management Program administered by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) with funds from a GM settlement and NAWCA (North American Waterfowl Conservation Act)/Ducks Unlimited. Formerly used as a farmstead with portions under agricultural production, the preserve is a variety of wetland types including lowland deciduous forest, scrub/shrub, and emergent marsh. In addition to the wetlands, the preserve is notable for ... Huron County MORE
Arrow Pressprich Nature Preserve
SBLC Logo Pressprich Nature Preserve The Pressprich Nature Preserve was donated to the Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy by Charlotte Eickholt Pressprich in 2006 in honor of her late husband Robert. This 48.2 acre property is composed mainly of wetlands, which improve water quality by filtering pollutants. It serves as a ground water recharge area and provides a special habitat for a variety of species. This preserve is home to frogs, turtles, deer, waterfowl, and wildflowers; including white flowered beard's tongues, fringed and bottled gentians, wild sunflowers, and blue flag irises. Prior ... Huron County MORE
Arrow Saganing Nature Preserve
SBLC Logo Sagaining Nature Preserve is home to a dense woodland area and the delta wetland of the Saganing River, which can be accessed on foot from the Preserve parking area. The southern half of this Preserve is very thick, wetland habitat with no established trails.  Primarily held to help increase water quality by filtering stormwater runoff before it enters the Saginaw Bay, the Sagaing Nature Preserve’s delta wetland habitat is also an important sanctuary for migratory birds and wetlands plants and animals. The Preserve does have a rustic trail extending from the parking area out along ... Huron County MORE
Arrow Sand Point Nature Preserve
SBLC Logo Sand Point Nature Preserve The Sand Point Nature Preserve is one of the most critical protected coastal lands in the Saginaw Bay Watershed, and probably one of the most important in the Great Lakes.  We may be biased, but that actually doesn't come from came from federal conservation professionals who recognized that the funding made available for the purchase of Sand Point Nature Preserve through the North American Wetlands Conservation Act was money well spent.  This Preserve, our largest, currently covers approximately 180 acres, and includes 5 miles of well established trails ... Huron County MORE
Arrow Shaw-Marsh Nature Preserve
SBLC Logo Shaw-Marsh Nature Preserve is primarily accessible by water and is roughly located 16 miles east of Grayling on North Down River Road and 30 miles north of St. Helen via F97.  At-grade access for person with special needs can be obtained by requesting a special use permit from the SBLC. The preserve is located on the North Branch of the AuSable River south of Kellogg Bridge and the access is approximately 2.5 stream miles south of this bridge on the east bank at GPS coordinates of Latitude 44.694416° and Longitude -84.407821°.  Four marked walking trails traverse the ... Huron County MORE
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